WAZIRABAD-The Pakistan Railways has to suffer an about Rs60,000 loss per day as a number of passengers travel by a train without tickets or with fifty percent discount due to the involvement of corrupt policemen.

Over 150 passengers board on Pakistan Express 46/Down for Faisalabad from Wazirabad Railway Station daily but only 25 tickets were issued from the booking office. Thus, Railways goes in deficit of approximately 100 passengers' tickets which costs Rs32,500 per day loss to the department.

Some 3-4 police contingents take position on the entrance ahead of the arrival of Pakistan Express at the platform at 9pm. They contact with the Faisalabad-bound passengers and insist them to go with them in police compartment and get Rs150 to 200 concession on tickets. The original fare from Wazirabad to Faisalabad is Rs325.

The policemen book 100 to 120 passengers on concessional fare. This is observed that some policemen occupy the compartments No 14 and 15 and ticketless passengers are boarded on these compartments.

Similarly, 45-up train arrives at Wazirabad station with about 30 ticketless passengers and leaves Wazirabad under the patronage of corrupt policemen. The ticket examiners and ticket collectors seem quite helpless and unable to check the irregularities due to fear of police. If the railway system works properly, the Railways may avoid Rs50,000 to Rs60,000 per day loss from only one Train i.e Pakistan Express.

The booking office at Wazirabad sells up to 30 tickets for Faisalabad thus goes in deficit of approximately Rs39,000 on a daily basis from one side. The malpractice is continuous for years. It is estimated that the loss amount is more than sufficient for the payment of pension to the retired PR employees in Wazirabad. Thus, the policemen involved in such malpractices do not like dutiful and honest employees and use all unfair means against their opponents. Other railway employees at Wazirabad Railway Station keep shut their mouth and say, "when no action is taken against such elements, why we put ourselves and our families in trouble".