If you need any evidence that India is moving away from its 2003 nuclear doctrine, please come to Lahore. But do make it quick, because there is rain in the weather forecast and it might wash off the evidence.

India’s nuclear doctrine bound it to ‘no first use’ policy almost a decade and a half ago. And yet throughout the past three weeks, we are witnessing a deadly smokescreen in Central Punjab, specifically Lahore, which the Indians have been trying to conquer – the Gymkhana dining lounge more precisely – since the 1965 war.

This piece could’ve been written last week – or the week before that – or even last year – or the year before that. But we Pakistanis have always preferred peace and tolerance, which is why we have kept giving chances to RAW’s militants and kept electing Indian agents to the government.

While befriending the Taliban, who have the Islam card, and embracing the elected rulers, who have the credit card, is understandable, we just can’t afford to do the same with the Indian smog.

For those in doubt (first of all shame on you), New Delhi’s involvement in it can be gauged by the systematic way in which it attacks Pakistan around the same time every year – one can’t expect anyone on our side to be this organised.

Also, remember how India sponsored terrorists tried to jeopardise the PSL final in March? Now they targeted the Sri Lanka T20 – watch the highlights again – and have even forced West Indies to postpone their three-match T20 series until next year.

Even so, the fact that they manage to send it over from Haryana and Punjab when there is no movement westwards shows the collective effort of the Indian nation to damage Pakistan – maybe, all 1.33 billion of them blow at the layers of pollution to push it our way.

But still, that alone wouldn’t have sufficed. While the Indian government forces the rice cultivators to burn the stubble in Fatehabad and Faridabad, they have successfully managed to do the same in Faisalabad.

So what is happening is that, through its many agents, India is now creating smog within the Pakistani borders as well.

How many times have you seen those Qingqis that emit smoke? Or can you blame it on vans and rickshaws? But of course, it would be ridiculous to blame the farmer and the rickshaw driver without really naming and shaming the real Indian agents, who are helping the enemy’s tampering of the nuclear doctrine.

These terrorists are removing vegetation and chopping trees to add more lanes and hence more cars to pollute the already polluted air of the city –which in turn don’t care much for the counter-terror environmentalist ways. This counter-terror plan isn’t only ignored on the road; it’s being done in industries and other construction activities. For instance, the Orange Line Metro train has become a particular weapon of mass destruction in how it is singlehandedly contributing to various forms of terror. And yet, even the fact that it’s orange didn’t give anyone a clue as to who is behind this series of attacks in Lahore.

In fact, forget everyone and let’s look at ourselves. We’re all terrorists in our capacities, and we know it. What are we all doing to counter the Indian agenda?

Again, this piece could’ve been written a week ago – if not in 2015. But last week Lahore’s number on the Air Quality Index wasn’t worse than New Delhi. They say, breathing in Delhi is as bad as smoking 50 cigarettes a day. So how much of a chain smoker is a Lahore? We can’t say for sure since the Environment Protection Agency’s newly installed six air quality monitors are currently being used as ashtrays.

Just listen, they play my smog

Ash to ash

Dust to dust

Fade to black…