Karachi - The three opposition groups including Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, Pakistan Muslim League-Functional and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz has decided to bring a no confidence motion against the deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly Shehla Raza while the leading opposition group MQM is yet to decide on the issue despite its serious reservations against the deputy speaker .

The issue popped up on Monday after heated arguments took place between members of the opposition parties and the deputy speaker .

The opposition parties staged protest and raised slogans against deputy Speaker Shehla Raza for not allowing the opposition members to speak on the agenda items.

The session which began an hour and 15 minutes late from scheduled timing, witnessed first heated argument between the deputy speaker and PML-F lawmaker Nusrat Sehar Bano. The lawmaker raised the issue of lack of quorum and delay in bringing the questions on the floor of the house for questions and answers session.

“What should we do of these answers when the question is brought forward after a year delay,” she said and staged walkout from the provincial assembly proceedings.

The deputy speaker said that only Nusrat Sehar Abasi had issues with it while the other lawmakers are satisfied from the procedures. This infuriated the opposition parties’ lawmakers who supported the PML-F lawmaker’s stance.

Another heated debate occurred between MQM lawmaker Sabir Hussain Qaimkhani and deputy speaker after the former tried to ask the supplementary questions but the latter did not allow him to speak and asked to sit down.

“Opposition lawmakers should sit down silently otherwise I can exercise my powers,” she warned.

The deputy speaker also exchange heated words with PTI lawmaker Seema Zia when the deputy speaker asked her to cut down her speech on adjournment motion . This infuriated the lawmakers and they staged protest in front of the dice of the speaker .

Later, the deputy speaker winded up the questions and answers session and adjournment motion within five minutes.

Talking to media on bringing no confidence motion against the deputy speaker , the PML-F lawmaker Nusrat Sehar Abbasi said that three opposition groups including PTI, PML-N and PML-F are agreed upon the decision to bring the motion while the MQM is not supporting the decision for the reasons better known to them.

She regretted over the decision of MQM and said that the MQM better knows regarding their decision to not support the opposition parties’ joint decision to de seat the deputy speaker despite even bearing her bad behaviour.

“We have summoned the meeting of opposition groups on Tuesday to decide as to when to bring the no confidence motion ,” she said. Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Nisar Ahmed Khuhro tabled the bill titled Sindh occupational safety and health bill, 2017.

The bill was introduced in the house but would be tabled for consideration on Wednesday likely.