KARACHI - The Sindh Assembly on Monday unanimously adopted a resolution calling for ending ban on students unions and reviving it at all educational institutes across the province.

The lawmakers urged the provincial government to not wait for federal government to implement the decision of revival and instead implement it province-wide.

The resolution was tabled by Pakistan People’s Party lawmaker Sattar Rajpar and was unanimously adopted by all parliamentary groups of the provincial assembly.

Speaking on it, the mover, Sattar Rajpar said that a dictator imposed the ban on students union and the democratic government should end this ban in order to improve democratic norms at grass root level.

PPP MPA Saeed Ghani said that the day labour and students unions were banned in the country, the politics on ideological ground was also buried the same day.

“It has further increased radicalization in the society and in order to restore the real norms of the Pakistani society, we had to go back to ideological grounds,” he said adding that revival of the labour and students were the need of the hour.

He said that the provincial government should not wait for the federal government to implement its revival and instead take first step to ensure the unions revival in the province. “The government should do necessary legislation if needed for the purpose,” he said.

MQM lawmaker Faisal Subzwari also supported the resolution and said that the student unions should not be blamed for violence in politics instead the violence was still present despite ban on the unions . “Student unions are instead a source of guidance for the students and a source of growing tolerance and political approach among them,’ he said.

He said that several lawmakers including him are the product of student unions and the students should have the right to choose a better person to represent themselves. “The government should introduce a code of conduct for students union so that the student politics should be within a framework,” he said.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf lawmaker Samar Ali Khan said that they support the revival of students union but they should be bound within a framework in which they could resolve the issue of the students.

“In past the student unions were politicized and the political parties formed their students wings to further their agenda,” he said adding that student leaders should help and support the students irrespective of any discrimination.

Minister for Works and Services Imdad Pitafi said that the student unions be revived and the students be given a free hand to do politics as per their political vision otherwise, there is a grave danger of Talibanization in our educational institutes. “It was due to the bad decisions from the dictators whose results are still being born by the country,” he said.

PPP lawmaker Khairun Nisa Mughal said that the students unions are a great source of producing productive political leadership and there are several examples in political scenario that had been the part of students union and are playing a better role in political scenario.