KARACHI - The investigators remained fail to ascertain the actual cause of deaths of two minor brothers.

Eighteen-month-old Ahmed and five-year-old Muhammad lost their lives on Sunday afternoon allegedly due to food poisoning from dining at a restaurant in the Zamzama locality and consuming sweets from a shop outside an amusement park late on Saturday night.

According to the details, both the minors were laid to rest while their mother was still critical.

Police dispatched 36 samples to a Lahore laboratory to ascertain the actual cause of death.

Police officials said that the samples were collected from the minors’ house, restaurant, a shop at the amusement park and a car while six samples were obtained during postmortems.

The samples sent to the laboratory would help the investigators in probing a case, said the police investigators.

Apart from the testing, the investigators are also strengthen the investigation and started to investigate the people related to the case as what the police investigators say that they are investigating the case from different angles.

The police investigators also sealed the room of the deceased children and collected the evidences from their house. They said that the police investigators are doing joint efforts, in collaboration with the Food Authority.

It’s worth mentioning here that besides a police investigation team, a special team of the Food Authority has also been constituted to probe mysterious deaths.

Sources privy to the matter revealed that there are rare chances of poisoning food have had served in restaurant.