ISLAMABAD - Economic Coordination Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) will today (Wednesday) consider seven projects including Peshawar Sustainable Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Project (BRT).

The ECNEC which will meet here will also consider inclusion of Tangir Hydro electric power in the Diamer Bhasha Hydro Project (DBHP) which will increase the cost of Bhasha dam, said the official documents available with The Nation.

According the document, to meet electricity requirements of the Diamer Bhasha Hydro Project (DBHP) during construction, the government is planning to construct 15 MW Tangir Hydropower Project in Gilgit Baltistan which will increase the cost of the project by Rs 5 billion. Earlier, the cost of Tangir hydro project was Rs 6 billion however after the CDWP approval it was rationalized. If the ECNEC approved the project it will enhance the cost of Diamer Bhasha Dam component from Rs474 billion to Rs479 billion. Official sources said that the cost of Rs 5 billion for 15 MW is expensive deal but the other option of providing electricity to Diamer Bhasha Hydro Project (DBHP) from the existing system will cost Rs 10 billion. As per the detail, Bhasha project was considered by the ECNEC in its meeting held on 17th April, 2018 and instead of PC-I cost of Rs649 billion it approved the project at a rationalized cost of Rs474 billion including FEC of Rs154 billion.

The ECNEC will also consider the Peshawar Metro, Peshawar Sustainable Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Project (BRT).The project was already approved by the CDWP with the increased cost of 38 percent as the cost of the project was gone up from Rs49.3 billion to Rs67.9 billion. Peshawar Sustainable Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Project (BRT) was started in December 2017 by the then PTI government with an estimated cost of Rs49.3 billion and its entire work will be completed by February 2019.

Baluchistan Water Resource Development Project for Zhob and Mula River Basin is also on the agenda of the ECNEC. The project is jointly funded by Japan, ADB and govt of Balochistan and it involves construction of 276km irrigation infrastructure and institutional capacity building. The project will help irrigate 43000 acres of land.

The other projects to be considered by the ECNEC include Sindh Solar System project, establishment of Pakistan Space Center, evacuation of power from Suki Kenari project and rehabilitation of Dargai Hydropower station.