BAHAWALNAGAR-Chief of his own faction of PML Ijazul Haq on Tuesday said that he wants to share his ‘nightmare’ with PPP Sindh leader Manzoor Wassan regarding Asif Ali Zardari.

“I want to share my nightmare with Manzoor Wassan about the future of PPP Co-chairman Asif Zardari and this nightmare will prove true,” PML-Z chief Ijazul Haq state while talking to media men here on Tuesday.

He declared that his party would contest the upcoming local bodies elections with full vigour determination. Ijazul Haq addressed the mediamen during a visit to the residence of Anjuman Tajiran district general Secretary Sohail Khan.

The PML-Z chief pointed out that politics of the Sharifs is about to end as Pakistan is change for better. “There will be no room for the politics of various people as there will be new dynamics of politics in the ‘shaping up’ Pakistan,” he explained.

Ijazul Haq stressed there should be no any criticism against the government because the government has not yet completed its 100 days. “The government should be given due time to translate it vision into policies and definitely the later stage will help the masses gauge performance of the government,” he detailed.

He suggested that the government should get confidence of the people, while economic policies need further homework to bring about prosperity at all level.  As far as accountability of politicians is concerned, the PML-Z chief said he does believe in the rule of law, terming the accountability need of the hour to stabilise economy and ensure development.

Ijazul Haq’s visit to Sohail Khan’s residence aimed at discussing the political scenario of the district with the latter, especially the forthcoming local government elections.