When PTI won elections and PM Imran Khan addressed the nation, he talked about Medina Welfare State and compassion for the poor, the weak and oppressed. People rejoiced with hopes for a change.

Long before this election land was allotted in Chak Shahzad at subsidized rates by CDA for developing farms to grow vegetables, fruit and breed cows to cater to daily requirements of ever growing population of Islamabad. What happened was exact reverse, when this land obtained for peanuts by corrupt elite from political class, traders, civil and uniformed bureaucracy, was irregularly converted to build palatial houses spread over acres with swimming pools and abundant of water from tube wells drilled on this land. Most of these plots have been resold by original allottees. As usual this irregularity and illegality was regularized and land reserved for agriculture produce became abode of elites of this country. The few poor who live in the vicinity have become an eyesore for this elite, who want to drive these have-nots out of this area.

One such farm house was owned by Azam Swati. A poor family who owned few cows lived in the vicinity. It is alleged that few cows, who being animals think that all land belongs to Almighty, dared to graze within limits of private farm house owned by minister. What followed thereafter has saddened many who had hopes in Medina Welfare State concept and references made by PM that he will try to emulate Hazrat Umar (RA) style of governance. When will change actually occur and the ruling class show compassion for the poor and weak and rule of law is visible?


Peshawar, October 30.