The 11th annual general meeting of the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust (NPT) on Tuesday passed a series of resolutions seeking unity in Pakistani nation and supporting the fund-raising campaign of the chief justice of Pakistan.  The NPT urged the government to build water reservoirs, particularly Kalabagh Dam, to deal with the shortage of electricity in the country. NPT Vice Chairman Prof Dr Rafique Ahmed presided over the meeting at Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehreek-e-Pakistan, Lahore on Tuesday. A resolution condemned the demand of “do more” by the US despite death of thousands of people of Pakistan in the war against terrorism. It demanded that the government of Pakistan adopt austerity and self-reliance initiatives to avoid dictation from any country, including the US. Another resolution expressed concern over the rising trend of sexual crimes against women and children and demanded that the government take steps to control this trend and award exemplary punishment to the culprits.