KAMALIA - A Municipal Committee (MC) councillor stated that the Parliament was a respectable house, and politicians should have avoided calling each others with bad names.

Addressing a press conference here, MC Councillor Rana Shabbir Manna said that the use of derogatory terms by the learned and wise politicians was beyond comprehension. "Do they not wish to prove themselves sensible politicians elected by the people of Pakistan?" He added that these public representatives were least bothered to resolve public issues; instead they were interested in insulting each other. "One should respect each other; representatives of the government and the opposition should not leave their morals while giving statements about each others."

BOOKED: Naushair Ali, a resident of Kamalia, submitted an application to the police that Zafar Iqbal, s/o Laal, had bought egg-laying hens worth Rs842,456 from him and gave him a monetary cheque as payment.

Naushair stated that the cheque was dishonoured by the bank on the given date. Kamalia City police registered a case.