Teacher is asset of our nation and teacher creates doctors, engineers, politicians, scientist, philosopher and good citizen etcetera. In Sindh province college teacher in hot water and suffering. College teacher is regular and punctual and dedicative. Education is our weapon and future of our young generation.

Teacher is major and important role in enhancing quality education. However teacher has sufficient facilities and hindrances in promotions. Balouchistan, Khaber Paktoon Khwah and Punjab exit time scale. Timely Lecturers promoted seventeen grade to into eighteen grade (18). In Sindh province lecturer appointed in 17 grade but fifteen to more than twenty years remain in same grade.

While Primary Teachers and High School Teachers and Subject specialist teachers entertains timescale and getting benefits in same provinces. Sindh government and education department has not serious in promotions of lecturers. Why not? While Sindh lecturers and professors organization (SPLA) is leading and struggling for the rights of colleges teachers but result is fruitless. In Sindh province exit formula is four tier formula but government has not practically implemented. Two groups in SPLA one is supporting time scale and second group is favoring for four tier formula but both are not implemented. Seven to eight month passing still not notified promotions of seventeen from to eighteen grades. Government is not serious for the promotion of lecturers.

Both group agreed one thing time scale either four tier formula. Majority wants and is favoring timescale. SPLA not continuously struggling for four tier formula. Sindh government and education department seriously and on the priority basis solve the issues of the colleges teachers like promotions, M.Phil. Allowances and PHD allowances given timely. DPC time should be declare and fix time for DPC every years for promotions.


Khairpur Mirs, October 30.