KARACHI - On the 11th day of Sindh theater festival, Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, staged a play with the name of “Un Poora Khawab” (incomplete Dream).

The play was directed by Ali Roshan Shaikh. The play was staged and performed at Arts Council Auditorium.

The drama was the part of on-going Sindh theater festival by Arts Council of Karachi with the collaboration of Sindh Culture Department. The hall of the Arts Council had been filled with people.

11th day of the Sindh Theater Festival was amazing! The auditorium was crowded as people lined up outside the gates of Arts Council to see the Urdu play “Un Poora Khawab”. The play was reflecting the socio-economic issue of our society.

When a boy tried hard to get a job, but he never found he chooses the way of destruction an become a rebel and goes against the norms and values of the society. He wants to earn for his family to feed her.

On the other hand, at the same time, her younger brother always obeys his father and struggle to find a job. Their father admires the younger but never even talk to the elder because of the path he chooses to earn and feed his family.

At the end when elder one feels that he is on the wrong path he returns home but, on his arrival, his father receives a call from police that he has lost his younger son in a bomb blast at a market.

The on-going Sindh theater festival will last till 18 of November that includes 20 Urdu and Sindhi Plays.

Meanwhile, with the collaboration of Sindh Culture Department, Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi is going to stage an Urdu Play “Raagni” in Sindh Theater Festival on Wednesday at 7:30 pm.

The play will be directed by Meesam Naqvi where famous artists of the Sindhi theater will perform in the play.