Mountain Dew Solis is back, only this time it is bigger and better and will be in your city this weekend showcasing some of the coolest internationally renowned DJs from across the globe. This is the same Mountain Dew Solis, all your friends have been talking about for the past few weeks while desperately trying to get a hold of the tickets.

Mountain Dew Solis is without a doubt the most epic music festival of Pakistan, and for all those who’ve never attended it so far, here’s listing 5 things you need to know before you head out to experience music like never before:

  1. Let’s face it, the music genre picking up the most these days especially amongst the youngsters is EDM Music. That’s just because it showcases some rad beats and is just generally cool. Guess what?! Mountain Dew Solis is all about EDM Music, but at Solis somehow, the same EDM music you’ve been listening to via your phones or laptops just becomes so much cooler because it’s LIVE! On ground, it’s not just music you listen to at the festival, it’s a complete visual and audio package that you experience which makes it way more epic than the usual festivals we have been seeing. Think international music festivals to give you an idea of the level of coolness you can expect.
  2. Karachi your prayers have been answered because Mountain Dew Solis will be taking place at the Moin Khan Academy in Karachi this weekend, i.e. 16th November. Hopefully you’ve been smart enough to pre plan and get a hold of the ticket because everybody whose anybody is going to be there. We are a hundred percent sure tickets will be sold out sooner than soon.  
  3. If you’re wondering about who will be performing then we’ve got great news. Mountain Dew Solis as always showcases internationally renowned DJs as well as local talent but this time around the line-up is super epic. Don’t believe us?! Just check out the insane list of whose performing…Clean Bandit, FDVM, Kill The Buzz, OceansVSOrientals and Soul Potion. That’s not all though! Staying true to supporting the Pakistani music scene, the event will also be showcasing the likes of Pakistan’s very own DJs - Turhan James, Hussain Dossa, Maleo and Neha. Mind Blown?!! Told ya!
  4. When we say BIGGEST EDM MUSIC FESTIVAL, we are in no way exaggerating. The crowd is going to be huge!! If we have to compare the event to an international festival, then think the same scale as Coachella and SXSW. Kudos to Mountain Dew for introducing Pakistan to the true festival culture as well as supporting our passionate EDM musicians who otherwise have very limited avenues for putting out their work. Mountain Dew has always been a great supporter of its passionate dewers, whether it be for extreme sports, EDM music or gaming.  Also, on a side not, we desperately needed something as epic as Mountain Dew Solis so thank you for that Team Dew!
  5. With a crowd this big, you need not worry cause Mountain Dew has you covered as always. The venue will be divided in such a way that you’re not going to feel overwhelmed by the magnanimity of the crowd and you’ll feel pretty secured. A special shout out to the Dew team for taking extra measures for making sure that all attendees feel secure.