LAHORE - French ambassador Marc Barety and German Ambassador Bernhard Schlagheck in a meeting with Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar announced supporting the renewal of GSP-Plus status to Pakistan by European Union.

Talking to media Wednesday, Sarwar said that his meeting with German and French ambassadors was very fruitful, and Pakistan had so far grabbed benefits worth 15 billion dollars from GSP-Plus status.

He said, “Foreign investment was increasing in Pakistan and the world is now realizing that there is complete security and peace in Pakistan.”

He said that provision of all facilities to foreign investors was being ensured. It is noteworthy that German and French ambassadors, for the first time, have held a joint meeting with Punjab Governor. They discussed renewal of GSP-Plus status by next year, investment opportunities in Pakistan and other issues.

Punjab Governor also thanked the German envoy for highlighting of Kashmir issue by German Chancellor during her visit to India.Later, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar participated in a seminar on ‘Prioritizing Human Rights in Pakistan’ organized by Punjab Assembly and Democracy Reporting International at a local hotel. On this occasion, the Country Head of Democracy Reporting International Javed Ahmed Malik, Provincial Head Samiya Yousaf, members of Punjab Assembly Ayesha Chaudhry, Saadia Sohail and Khadija Umar, and others were also present.

Talking to media men on this occasion, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that foreign investors’ confidence was deepening in Pakistan due to effective economic policies of the present government and today, German and French Ambassadors also acknowledged the government policies. “They also assured me that they will support Pakistan when there will be renewal of GSP-Plus status next year,” he added. He said the foreign investors were also working at a faster pace in Lahore city and there was no such kind of example of in the history. “I am also glade to see that tourism is also promoting in Pakistan and In Sha Allah, we can earn four to five billion dollars annually by promoting tourism in Punjab alone,” he added. After Kartarpur Corridor, he said, “We are going to embark upon renovation of holy places of Budhmat, Christians and Hindus and I am sure that Pakistan will advance on it speedily. We will strengthen the country and the nation, and transform Pakistan into a developed and prosperous state in true sense of words.