The world has proven that if a country promotes it’s human resources and have the capability to enhance it’s human resources that nation will always be on the path of prosperity. Such as Singapore which is having one of the most valuable port of the globe and Japan that is on the peak in technology after being extremely effected by atomic bombs in deadly war(World War ll).

How much a state is full of natural resources, never gets progressed if it doesn’t have human resources because by the human resources your natural resources will be utilized to play pivotal roles in country’s economy.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, Pakistan is full of natural resources (Gas, Patrol, Coal, many more) but still we are debtor and far behind the modern world because Pakistan is one of those states where the youth doesn’t have any source to learn skills, be creative who can show his/her jingoism as human resources. The people of our country toil all the day long but still living in poverty. Why?

There is fantabulous sentences,” A man with a skill never sleeps without feeding himself.” But sadly we don’t have such organization where skills are taught. If people muse on just one province of Pakistan, such as Balochistan, it’s full of natural resources. If our human resources would be able to use them, our nation soon makes other debtors. Remember that today’s world is economic world. If you are economically strong then you are a super power otherwise you are the source that can be used but any state.