LOS ANGELES-Kristen Stewart ‘’struggled’’ with her identity when she first found fame.

The ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star feels ‘’so lucky’’ to live in this ‘’particular time of history’’ as she is at a place where she is ‘’fully allowed’’ to express who she is. She said: ‘’I think I’m so lucky to live in this particular time of history. I just think ... if you were to look at kids right now, even just five years, seven to 10 years younger than me, they would find my sort of struggle to come to terms with like identity and communication kind of silly. And I feed off them, even though I think that I might’ve had something to do with feeding that, a little bit, because it was like ... not the hardest thing to get to know myself it was just ... it takes a few years to actually articulate who you are. And now that I’m living in a time where that’s fully allowed, in a way that is expressed and honest ... that wasn’t that way five to seven years ago.’’

And the 29-year-old actress is feeling ‘’stimulated and progressive’’ in her career and is ready to tell the world the stories she wants to.