FAISALABAD-Pakistani Consul General in Jeddah Khalid Majeed has said that an organised campaign has been launched to enhance Pakistani exports by establishing close business relations between exporters of Pakistan and importers of Saudi Arabia.

Addressing a webinar, organised by Pakistani consulate Jeddah exclusively for the textile exporters by the platform of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) on Friday, he said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were enjoying brotherly relations. However, he added, we should translate these relations into an economic reality. He said that Saudi Arabia was importing textile products in abundance from India and Bangladesh, but Pakistani exports were quite negligible. He said that Saudi market was of middle range as compared to most sophisticated Europe and America and hence our exporters, particularly Faisalabad-based textile exporters, should focus on the potential market.

Fahad Chaudhry, Trade Development Officer of Pakistani consulate, specially participated in the webinar with his physical presence at the FCCI. He disclosed that Pakistan was expected to get a big order of bed-sheets from Saudi Arabia very soon. He said Pakistani lawn was very popular among Saudi women and we must focus on its export in addition to other traditional products like towels, hosiery products and home textile etc.

As many as 14 leading importers of Saudi Arabia participated in this webinar while 19 exporters from Pakistan were also present at the FCCI to directly discuss the export related issues. Fahad Chaudhry said that he would try to establish contacts between Saudi importers and Pakistani exporters. “They would also settle any documentation related matter with the direct involvement of Pakistani consulate,” he said and added that if any major issue would surface, the consulate would seek help of the Foreign Office to settle it down.

FCCI President Engineer Hafiz Ihtasham Javed welcomed the efforts of Pakistani consulate to enhance textile exports from Faisalabad. He mentioned some leading and state-of-the-art industrial units of Faisalabad and told that the SME sector is also contributing its role in the exports of Pakistan. He said that the share of Faisalabad in total textile export of Pakistan is around 60%. “Pakistan has also a unique privilege to produce world renowned brands”, he said and added that the same quality textile products could also be exported to Saudi Arabia.

He also introduced some leading exporters of towels, hosiery, knitted garments, clothing and apparels etc. He appreciated the efforts of Pakistani Consul General Kahlid Majeed, Syed Abdul Waheed Shah, Trade & Investment Consular, and Fahad Chaudhry, Trade Development Officer, for promoting textile exports direct from Faisalabad.

On the other side, Pakistani Consul General introduced the Saudi importers including Sheikh Abdul Rahman, Sheikh Ishaq Ahmed, Farhan Qureshi and Abdul Latif and said that they are fully satisfied with the quality and price of Pakistani products and certainly they will soon start dealing with Pakistani exporters after exchange of contact numbers.