PM Imran Khan’s arrival in Turbat on Friday marked the announcement of the Turbat Package, aimed at initiating mass-developmental projects within Balochistan—particularly Kech, Awaran, Washuk, Lasbela and Kharan. After decades of neglect and evasion of government responsibility towards the province, PTI’s incumbent government has pledged to usher Pakistan into a new era of inclusive development.

The Turbat package aims to focus on the fields of healthcare, education and the Gwadar port as well. Amongst the many projects due to commence soon, the government has promised to construct a 200-bed hospital, by the name of the Makran Teaching Hospital, which is expected to cater to the medicinal needs of the province while emphasising on the comprehensive instruction and training of new doctors. Similarly, Basic Health Units (BHUs) scattered all across the region are promised, with the special help of the Punjab government as well. Furthermore, the provision of education—digital or in-person both—has been highlighted as a priority. New universities are set for construction while the average number of scholarships for Balochi students have been increased from 185 to 360.

Such is the intensity of the package that, according to the Chief Secretary of Balochistan, a total of 3100 applications for commercial and residential projects have been filed in and are being processed. To maximise convenience, platforms for online payments, and the subsequent information of procedures, are being set up as well. If things continue to move forward with the same proactive impetus exhibited in the status quo, we could be looking at revolutionary changes that will put Pakistan on a stronger footing.

The aim for the government is to remain operational and focus on materialising these schemes so that they may be useful for the province. Additionally, there needs to be a recognition of the fact that problems like a lack of funds may still exist but it is not a valid reason to halt any and all progress. They must remain headstrong in this regard and remain dedicated to the change they wish to bring about.