Drama serials provide the pictorial view and shadow of real life. Real-life and drama serials are interlinked. People learn the positive and negative lessons from the story of a drama. Drama serials have a thorough effect on the personality of a person.

In Pakistan, an ample number of serials are being played on televisions, some of them have good and effective learning content, yet some have very negative side effects.

Recently a drama serial named “Jalan” is being played on Hum Tv whose content is so controversial, negative and unethical that it has the risk of becoming a root cause in promoting domestic violence. The negetive content is being fed in the minds of the new generation, by which they can be inspired to follow a wrong path. Because of this drama encouraging such things, the graph of harassment cases and rape cases can also be inclined. The negative lessons from drama serials also result in increasing gender discrimination and domestic violence.

Recently the app Tiktok was also banned in Pakistan, which is the right decision taken by the government. The TikTok has also remained a platform by which the minds of new generation are being diverted from studies and moral ethics.

PEMRA direly needs to ban drama serials which show and help the negative content can become the root cause of all evils in the society.