ISLAMABAD-Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) cardiac centre will soon establish heart failure clinic and paeds ward for patients, statement said on Friday.

A statement issued said that cardiac centre of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad is delivering excellent services to the community.

 Improving the services and patient care continuously over the last few years, cardiac centre is coming up as a centre of excellence in federal capital. 

Primary angioplasty is free for all patients presenting with acute heart attack. Free stenting is being done to poor patients. In the year 2019, more than 4000 angiographies were performed. 

Cath lab services were continued even in the peak of corona days when most of the departments in hospital were closed.  Patients are being given free cardiac medicines. 

Very soon heart failure clinic will be functional and also hypertension clinic along with INR clinic will be established. Future plans include paeds cardiology ward in cardiac centre.

 Department of Preventive Cardiology has already been approved and soon will start working. Electrophysiology department has already started giving services. 

With the cooperation of hospital administration and federal health authorities, cardiac centre will keep on improving its performance