Former actor and host Veena Malik's ex-husband Asad Khattak has sent her a notice seeking Rs 500 million in damages for illegally transferring their two children from the United Arab Emirates to Pakistan. Asad Khattak on Twitter said that he tolerated everything for the sake of their children but now it is time to bring the reality  before all.

" My silence was considered cowardice. I hope a father gets justice because there is no hiding the truth from Allah. Someone has to answer for the pain I am going through. I have sent a notice of Rs 500 million to Veena Malik," Khattak said.

Adding on, Khattak said that he remained silent at the request of famous people and religious scholars and endured a lot of pain for the sake of his children. "Today, through social media, I appeal to every authority for justice. Give me back my children. I was forced to take legal action and the Dubai court also ruled in my favour, but Veena escaped and sent our children from UAE to Pakistan. Both my children are American citizens. Veena Malik not only betrayed me but also tricked the Dubai government. Now all these things have to be answered in court. How two American citizens were smuggled from Dubai to Pakistan, where is the Pakistani government?" he said in another tweet.

Malik, in response to her ex-husband's allegations, shared divorce papers and child custody papers on Twitter, saying that she has been in charge of child custody since September 25, 2019, under the law and Sharia. In Dubai, too, she has been appointed guardians of the children.