Yes, we are waiting for our turn. We are just so busy in our routines and have no time to secure our daughter’s future in this country. The reason we don’t sympathise with women is that we do not have any blood relation with that particular rape victim.

It seems like we are actually waiting for the same thing to happen with our sisters, daughters or friends, and only then will we speak. I am not speaking only for women but for all who are continuously striving for justice but will never get their due to the errors in the justice system.

Why don’t these criminals get punishment? Allah gave punishment to Adam (A.S) on just disobedience of His orders. Still His justice system is not being practised here, where rape is made light of.

In 2020, 73 rape cases were reported in just two months - and the interesting thing is that police have not apprehended them so far. To stand with all these victims is the right thing to do, it doesn’t matter that you are feminist or misogynist. Instead of this ridiculous canvassing that how should she dress up, how should she smile, how should she live, we have to fight and hail those who are fighting for the rights of women instead of discouraging them.

I humbly appeal to the government of Pakistan that there should be no leniency and no pity for these criminals. The only penalty should be death.