Authorities in Islamabad, police, district administration or CDA etc might call them 'security checkpoints' but they are, actually, an attempt to transfer danger of suicide bombing from one premise to the other. In suicide bombings that have taken place so far, the attacker usually explodes himself right at these security checkpoints or barriers if he cannot get to his prescribed target. This means that when some diplomatic mission, or a VVIP abode or military installation is protected by a security checkpoint or barrier, it is certain that that the house, school, clinic or residence on whose front this barrier is installed must suffer the brunt if an attack, indeed, takes place. This transferring of danger, possibly even death, to a neighbour is unethical, cowardly, unlawful, indeed unconstitutional. But these checkpoints have no written permission lest the permitting authority is taken to court. I think all such security barriers must be removed by order of the courts and those who need extra security should be directed instead to make security arrangements like constructing fortified walls or putting sandbagged embankments, around their establishments like the military does during the war. Remember, the barrier system has demonstrably failed at Marriott. -M. SHAIKH, Islamabad, via e-mail, September 29.