Mr. President You had promised the nation that you will change the present political and social system in the country as you want to make Pakistan a modern, prosperous country of the advanced civilization. You also wanted the people of Pakistan to live like the 21st century people of the civilized countries. You wanted Pakistan to be a social welfare state where all people have equal opportunities in education, health, employment and government. But Mr. President, there has been no change in the political, economic or judicial system of the country, as yet. There is no change in the country's foreign policy, VIP culture and bureaucratis. There is no change in our National Security strategy. There is no change in the frequency of terrorism. There is no change in the honour killings of women. There is no change in unemployment. The only change is a rise in inflation, or frequency of loadshedding, nepotism and corruption. -ENGR S.T.HUSSAIN, Lahore, via e-mail, September 29.