LAHORE The PIAs seven Haj flights were cancelled in Lahore during the past week which left 3,500 pilgrims stranded, TheNation has learnt. Now the pilgrims would seek new airline for their travel, said sources in PIA on Thursday. They said that PIA would have to pay back the huge amount to the travel agents which they have already paid to the airline for seats. An officer of PIA said that travel agents or Hajj Tour Operators have the option to avail the flight the most suitable to them. The flights which were canceled from October 10, to October 16, included Pk-1215, Pk-1315 which were scheduled to operate on October 8, on October 9, Pk-1317, October 11, Pk-1321, October 13, Pk-1327, on October 15, Pk-1229 and on October 16, Pk-1331 was cancelled due to under passenger load. A PIA officer said all the flights which had operated carried about 500 passengers each flight and Rs. 85000 were charged as special Hajj fare whereas normal fare for Saudi Arabia was Rs. 65000. He said that Hajj tour operators pay in advance to PIA and now when their passengers did not traveled from PIA flights the Airline would have to pay back to them. Sources claimed that the airline would also have to face losses for the parking space purchased in the Saudi Arabia for its planes parking.