During a protest outside Parliament, Mian Nawaz Sharifs ultimatum to the Zardari government that he would bring about a revolution in the country and his promise that he would change the destiny of the nation would strike a chord with the masses who are hard put making both ends meet. With a President who has shut himself up in the Presidency and a Prime Minister and his cabinet equally cold to the suffering of the man on the street, there is no disputing Mian Nawazs statement that Pakistan is going through its worse phase ever. While one wishes him Godspeed in his mission to improve peoples lot, the question whether his party has drafted a manifesto for nation building purpose remains unknown. A few days back while talking to a private TV channel he did maintain that his party had devised one such roadmap intended to grapple with the multiple crises and that he would make it public soon but no such document has come to light till now. While the countrys economy has reached a precipice, the scourge of terrorism has hurt us in ways that beggars description. Due to the social mess that has been festering for years now, our enemies have been provided with a happy hunting ground to divide us along sectarian lines. Resentment in Balochistan is touching new heights. The mega-city of Karachi which is the key to countrys economic life has been held hostage by gangsters, thieves and extortionists but the crying shame is that the government has chosen to turn a blind eye to these troublemakers merely to secure its political interests. Likewise, corruption is setting new records, as the country is fast turning into an institutional graveyard. The energy conundrum which in the long term can be curtailed with the construction of Kalabagh Dam, is being deliberately allowed to play havoc with commerce. It is little wonder that with inept rulers, the US is blowing our sovereignty to smithereens and even making threats of war. Pakistan is faced with extraordinary problems which require extraordinary solutions. One hopes that Mian Nawaz Sharif is sincere in his resolve to change the destiny of the nation and would do his level best to meet the challenges head on. However he would have to prove that he is different from the rest. For that he ought to come up with a clear manifesto that can show us the way forward.