ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has lost billions of dollars in corruption and kickbacks to politicians, senior armed forces officers, civil bureaucrats and businessmen since 1947 and experts believed that the only way to bring the hefty amount back is a special amnesty scheme by the government. Background discussions and interviews with government officials, private sector executives and financial experts revealed that up to $200 billion have so far been taken away from the country to foreign countries. Although the amount quoted by them varied in terms of size a conservative estimate suggests it was between $61 billion and $200 billion. I think it is around $95 billion, half the size of Pakistans current national budget, a senior financial expert told TheNation requesting not to be named. He was of the view that this hefty amount was largely being stashed in foreign banks or had been spent in various businesses. There is no way to bring it back except the government offers a special amnesty scheme to whiten it the ill gotten wealth, he quipped. Another expert while endorsing this proposition suggested that the government can offer 40 per cent tax as incentive to the recipients on their accumulated wealth through the amnesty scheme. This would encourage the recipients to bring their ill-gotten wealth to Pakistan, he opined, citing examples of other countries that had similar problems. They also called for sticker laws to prevent such phenomenon in future saying this was the money of the people of Pakistan who have been subjected to heavy taxation by various governments including the PPP-led ruling coalition. It would not be out of place to mention that Pakistan has been contesting one such case with Swiss authorities for bringing the money believed to have been accumulated through kick backs laundered and stashed in the Swiss banks. Similarly, the sources said that several people from Pakistan laundered their ill-gotten wealth and had invested in the real estate business in foreign countries including United States, UK, Germany, Spain, Malaysia and UAE. Sitting Senator Muhammad Ali Durrani through a writ petition has sought court order for bringing the looted money back into the country.