Once a Pakistani Prime Minister said that he was bringing about a silent revolution. He betrayed his complete ignorance of history. History unequivocally tells that there has never been such a thing as a 'silent revolution under the sun. Within the context of human history, the phrase 'silent revolution is a pure poetic gibberish. Every great nation is the creation of a 'bloody revolution. The five nuclear powers are the greatest powers of the contemporary world. All these powers have been created by 'bloody revolutions. Let us look at these giants one by one. The contemporary France is the creation of the French Revolution. The 'guillotine was the first atomic laboratory of France. During the revolution, millions of Frenchmen were killed by Frenchmen. Feudalism, 'ancient regime, the nobility and the monarchy were given a mass grave. The ages-old misery of the masses fled the land. The nuclear Frances foundations were laid when the foundations of the Bastille were uprooted. Had our Prime Minister been a witness to the revolution, he would have advised France not to be violent. Our Prime Minister did not know that the contemporary France is founded upon the skulls of the King, the Queen; the 'ancient regime and the French Feudalism. Human history, like Hobbes nature, is red in tooth and claw. As nature is all red, so human history is all vermilion. Todays America is a production of the American Civil War. During the war, as many as 6,00,000 Americans were patriotically killed by their American brethren. 6,00,000 dead bodies fused the south with the north. One gigantic America came into being. Thus, the world supremacy of the contemporary America is a gift of the American Civil War. Had someone advised President Abraham Lincoln to abolish slavery through a 'silent revolution, the President might have felt like despatching the voluntary advisor silently to his eternal abode. The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was, like the French and the American revolutions, a horribly 'bloody affair. The Russians killed the Russians to their hearts content. As a result of their torrential mutual killings, a new political system came into being. The new system gave birth to the contemporary nuclear Russia: Russia as a world superpower is creation of the Russian Revolution. During the English Revolution, the Puritans religiously killed their Cavalier compatriots and the Cavaliers equally devoutly killed their Puritan compatriots. The revolution hanged the Divine Right of Kings. The hanging created a vacuum. The vacuum was filled with a new doctrine. It was called the 'Divine Right of Man to hang kings. The free Englishman created a new England. The new England soon became a mighty world power. Thus, Englands glory is a gift of the English Revolution. The Communist Revolution in China, like all other world revolutions, was a totally 'bloody business. The Chinese rapturously killed the Chinese for the regeneration of China. The massive mutual killings created the contemporary China. The mighty China of today is a mighty thorn in the mighty Americas mighty thigh. The pre-revolutionary China was a pure misery. There was hardly a great power then, which did not 'rape China. Today, America is afraid of being 'raped by China by way of reprisals. The contemporary China owes its international eminence to its 'bloody revolution. England, France, America, Russia and China are the five greatest powers of the contemporary world. Each of these powers owes its greatness to a bloody revolution. A country which has not been through a bloody revolution has failed to be a world power. Economic prosperity and political greatness are two radically different entities. There are many countries in the world which are economically prosperous, but politically non-entities. Australia, for example, is a fairly prosperous country. But it is not a world power like the members of the nuclear club of five. It is not a great power because it has not been through a bloody revolution. Canada is a fairly prosperous country. But it is not a great world power like the members of the nuclear club of five. It is not a great power because it has not been through a 'bloody revolution. A 'silent revolution i.e., a 'bloodless revolution can give only 'bloodless results. Only a 'bloody revolution can give 'bloody results. Only a 'bloody revolution can create a great nation. The Prime Ministers 'silent revolution meant the continuation of our feudalism, the continuation of the eternal misery of our masses, the continuation of our world famous national corruption, the continuation of our fake democracy, etc. In a 'bloody revolution, people die wholesale. In a 'silent revolution, they die piecemeal. History proclaims that wholesale destruction of human beings brings about wholesome results, whereas piecemeal destruction deepens misery. Ever since Pakistans birth, Pakistani masses have been dying of misery piecemeal. They have died of misery by the millions. Their deaths have failed to bring about a propitious change. Had all these Pakistanis died wholesale in a 'bloody revolution, Pakistan would have become one of the great nations of the world. But we detest greatness. We love to die of misery piecemeal. The writer retired as professor of the Department of English, Government College University, Lahore.