ISLAMABAD - While demanding of the government to reduce gas loadshedding for CNG sector, Chairman All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha has said that the government is forcibly closing down CNG business. The Central Chairman of APCNGA Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha has demanded of the government to reduce gas loadshedding for CNG otherwise, they would be compelled to close down their business. He said gas loadshedding has ruined our business; people cannot bear more gas closures. He also said that CNG sector doesn't have alternate option to continue its business that's why an agreement was signed with CNG sector for supply of gas for twelve months, paying the highest gas tariff. While general industry has got alternate business options so why their agreement is of nine (9) months gas supply at cheaper tariff. "We demand the government to act upon the set agreement and to supply the gas on priority basis during three months of winter season to those sectors who don't have alternate business options", Paracha says. He further said that the use of gas in the domestic sector increases during winter, which is likely to make the situation more badly. The business of CNG industry has already going towards bankruptcy if government doesn't follow the supply agreements then we will be compelled to close down our CNG stations, Chariman APCNGA said, adding, that It is our legitimate demand that gas loadshedding for CNG stations should not be more than one day, the justified gas distribution system should be prevailed to facilitate 40 million people of Pakistan.