ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani in the Cabinet meeting on October 12 directed that all the ministers must review their performance and ensure their presence in the Cabinet meeting on regular basis in order to ensure good governance in their respective ministries. In line with the directive given by the Prime Minister, Minister for Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh in the capacity of the Chairperson of the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet, the most important committee of the Cabinet, on Thursday reviewed the performance and rate of implementation of the decisions taken by the body since the coming into power by the present government. When asked by the ECC the Secretary Cabinet Division informed the meeting that the Committee has so far held 65 meetings and taken 621 decisions with the average of 9.55 decisions per meeting. During the tenure of Mr Shaukat Tareen as Finance Minister, from 02-12-2008 to 08-03-2010, the ECC held 27 meetings and took 242 decisions with an average of 8.96 decisions per meeting. Secretary Cabinet further informed the meeting that the present Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh in his period from 19-03-2010 to 30-09-2011 chaired a total of 25 meetings of the ECC and took 253 decisions with an average of 10.12 decisions per meeting, which is the highest during the last three and half years.