ISLAMABAD - The belated energy conservation plan unveiled by the federal government Wednesday is late but would help meet country's short term needs, experts believed. Knowledgeable sources told The Nation that measures adopted by the federal government to conserve energy would definitely bear fruits even though for short term course. The experts in the power sector said that the decision would have been taken in March and the government too much delayed thus making the lives of masses miserable in the summer season. The experts said that previously when the energy conservation formula was adopted it helped saving 1,000-2,000 megawatt. They said that the said plan might help more in summer as compared to in winter but anyway it is better late than never. But they said that the government must not rely on it for the long-term solution and it cannot still get bale for not doing anything in the power sector, as it was government's responsibility to add in the power generation capacity of the country. According to details provided by the experts, energy conservation plan helps in way that it saves fuel and water for two days that is used in five other days of week. But they said that the steps taken are not enough and previously there were more than ten steps taken. Those include no use of air conditioners in government offices, no use of tube wells in peak hours, decreasing at least fifty per cent use of electricity in the offices etc. They said that the government should work on the both sides, energy conservation as it is the best way around the world to save money and power and side by side it needs to increase generation capacity especially by working on hydel power generation that it has neglected seriously. The decision to cut electric supply of those departments who are defaulters was also praised. As the first step Multan Railway Station's electricity connection has been disconnected. Several experts said that cash mobilisation problem has caused many problems in maintaining generation process so the recoveries must be done by force.