The nation will face another "electric shock" as the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has increased power tariff by Rs 3.04 per unit. According to NEPRA, power tariff has been increased under monthly fuel adjustment. The increase in power tariff has been approved for the month of August which is highest in the history of the country. Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) took the stance in the application that hydal power generation decreased by 600 million units in August due shortage of water after which electricity was produced with furnace oil to bridge the shortfall. CPPA further told that the cost of power generation with furnace oil increased by Rs2.75 per unit and the cost of power generation with diesel increased by 25 paisa while 9 paisa per unit was increased under line losses. CPPA told during the hearing that the cost of production in the power projects in Muzaffargarh and Faisalabad remained Rs23 per unit. These units were made operational in Ramazan to reduce loadshedding due to which power tariff increased as compared to last month.