ISLAMABAD - The Officers Welfare Association (OWA), Academic Staff Association (ASA), Employees and students of the International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) observed strike on Thursday morning to protest against a handful group of students who maltreated Deputy Director Sports and Student Advisor over a petty issue. According to the representatives of ASA, a few students belonging to Anjuman Talaba-e-Islam misbehaved with the Student Advisor (male) Dr. Safeer Awan, Deputy Director Sports Manzoor Hussain Shah and photographer of the university Zulfiqar Ahmad. They informed that the students without the permission of the university administration took the lights from the universitys sports ground to their hostel to arrange an event. Initially, the sports director and the advisor thought that the lights have been stolen but when they got to know that the students have taken the lights to their hostel, they went there and asked them to return the lights to place them at the sports ground. According to them the students refused to return the lights and the next day they went to the room of Student Advisor (male) Dr. Safeer Awan, fortunately he was not present in his room. They used abusive language for Dr. Safeer Awan, and searched for the Deputy Director Sports Manzoor Hussain Shah and beat him up and used derogatory language for him as well. Condemning the incident over 2000 students, employees and teaching faculty wore black armbands and protested at the campus. They also boycotted the classes and demanded an inquiry into the incident and the expulsion of the students. Such students should be expelled from the university who have no respect for the teachers and disrupt the academic process. Its not the first time that they have caused disturbance at the campus. Earlier, they also observed strike at the campus and such incidents have become a routine matter now informed one of the professor. The employees said the Deputy Director who has spent all his life at the university and going to reach the age for superannuation next year has been beaten up by the students. They said in order to set an example the administration should take strict action otherwise such unfortunate incidents would take place in future as well. Though, according to information, a committee has been constituted to probe the incidents but the employees and the teaching faculty did not announce any decision regarding an end to strike or commencement of classes.