Even after the proposed release of 1027 Palestinian inmates in exchange for Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier captured by Hamas in 2005, we need to remind the world of thousands of Palestinians still in Israeli jails, some for decades. All these men, women, boys and girls are languishing in Israeli prisons for demanding right to have their homeland. Some may be involved in violent acts against the occupiers and settlers which is in line with what Algerians did against the French, Libyans did against the Italians, ANC did against an apartheid white dominated regime, Indonesians did against the Dutch. Indeed history is full of many such struggles. The main problem is: Israel was created on someone elses land with the consent of world powers who had emerged victorious after World War-II. But regardless of legality of UN Security Council decision in 1948 and regardless of power and influence Jewish lobby enjoy in the US power corridors, facts cant be changed on the ground. You cant deny a nation its right to statehood only because of occupiers claim of having divine rights of that land from God. If Americans are ready to talk to Taliban and Haqqanis only to have an honorable exit from Afghanistan, then why not force Israelis to sit with Palestinian representatives to find a solution of this long simmering problem which can satisfy Palestinians aspirations for independence. Ignoring this group or that group or blaming them as terrorists will not take the Palestinian issue off the table. Then why not face the reality; but who will take the bull by the horns --- not Barrack Obama who was enthroned with Nobel peace prize by an excited world, who promised to bridge the East and Wests mutual differences in a marathon speech in Cairo, and now who has threatened to veto any Palestinian statehood proposal in the UNSC. The only other hope is Arab Spring which may be able to isolate Israel in the region while uniting the public opinion against injustice and oppression. Change is in the offing; lets not allow anyone to steal the revolution. MASOOD KHAN, Saudi Arab, October 13.