KHAR (INP) - Two out of 25 boys, kidnapped by militants, managed their safe escape on Thursday from the custody of kidnappers. The boys, identified as Amanullah and Abdullah, reached their hometown, tehsil Mamond of Bajaur Agency, after one-month captivity of militants in the bordering area. They were kidnapped when they mistakenly entered Afghanistan during Eid days. We crossed the border mistakenly and were stopped by an armed man on the other side of the border who pointed us to come here as we approached him. He handed over us to another armed man who shifted us to a room and then locked the door, one of the escaped boys told a private TV channel. He added that at night all the 25 boys were divided in small groups and were locked in separate rooms. Officials and the local tribal elders held meetings several times to find a way out and even approached the Afghan government for the release of kidnapped boys but no progress could be made in this regard. The kidnapped boys belonged to tribesmen from Mamoun, who are opposed to Qaeda and the Taliban and have raised militias to fight them, angering militants who often hit back with bombings and shooting attacks. On September 3, Taliban claimed responsibility for holding up to 25 boys hostage as punishment for tribesmen who supported the military in the countrys troubled northwest.