LAHORE Two people including 25-year-old youth were found shot dead from different parts of the City on Thursday, police said. A 30-year-old man was found shot dead from the graveyard situated here in Gujjarpura area, police said. The youth, later identified as Muhammad Tariq, a resident of Mahmood Abad, was lying dead with a bullet wound in his temple in Shah Dewan graveyard as policemen rushed to the crime scene. Some passersby spotted the dead body and contacted the police by phone. The police investigators said it was ye to be established whether the boy committed suicide or some one shot him dead. The police have removed the body to the morgue for an autopsy and are investigating. The police said that they recovered an empty-bullet and a paper from his pocket. It was written on the paper presumably by the youth that he was going to commit suicide due to poverty. However, police said that no pistol or gun was recovered from the crime scene. Further investigations were underway.