LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that the success of Pakistan Muslim League-N candidate Khizar Hayat Khagga in the by-election of PP-220 Sahiwal is a proof of the fact that people have rejected the politics of corruption, nepotism and plunder and fully support Mian Nawaz Sharif who believes in the politics of democracy, justice and principles. In a press statement, the chief minister said that no alliance which was based on selfish interests could withstand peoples power and the same happened in this election where Musharrafs remnants, Zardari party and the phony champion of revolution had joined hands. Shahbaz Sharif described the victory in Sahiwal by-election as the success of Muslim League workers and expressed the hope that they will continue to strive with the same commitment and dedication. He said this success had revived the hope of the people that they would be able to resolve their problems through a clean and transparent leadership. He thanked Almighty Allah and also expressed his gratitude to the people for bringing about the success of PML-N candidate Khizar Hayat Khagga with such a heavy majority in the by-election. He said that election results had exposed the myth of so-called political alliances while those who had been nurtured by dictatorship during the last eight years had been badly rejected.