KARACHI (PR) Some of the leading journalists of the city observed that there is no gender inequality in Islam as the religion provided all kinds of rights to women and a respectable social status and those who discriminate against women are far from the teachings of Islam. The journalists were part of the group belonging to print journalism who gathered at a local hotel to debate the issue of gender equality on the first day of a three-day workshop organized by Individualland. The workshop is eighth of the series of workshops supported by USAID and Aurat Foundation. The objectives of the initiative are to sensitize the electronic and print media, regarding the issue of women empowerment and use it as a medium for advocacy. The discussions also focussed on the sensitivity of communicating women related issues through media and selection of appropriate messages. The participants of the workshop noted that in rural areas of the country gender equity issues are more challenging than the urban areas where gender inequality cuts both ways. The journalists also observed that while women rights are important they should not be seen as synonyms to human rights.