The Eid preparations have increased the crush of people looking to use public transport and add to already strained conditions of the buses and trains that people are using to try and visit their families to observe this holiday. The Nawaz government’s favourite pastime is to work on shiny projects that involve massive roads and fancy bridges, but it seems that they seem to forget that an important feature for roads is that people can use them. And since more than half the population does not have the money to afford cars, they rely on the public sector to deliver, yet their hopes are all but left hanging, in some cases literally, when they see that there is almost no chance to get their destination in relative comfort.

The government needs to realize that the need of the hour is to attempt to fulfill the need of people, which it fails in doing with the limited resources that it chooses to use. There are way too many people to be accommodated by the small number of trains and buses that operate in this country. Within cities, there are not enough routes that encompass all areas, which make the public resort to walking over long distances just to get to a bus stop. The trains cram people until there is not enough room to sit for all, and people are literally holding on to the sides of trains to get passage.

There are an increasing number of private companies that provide public transport so the burden has lessened of late on the state. The government needs to direct these enterprises in to providing better and more extensive routes and work on channeling the private sector to accommodate more consumers. This will work better for the masses that need to go all across cities to work and put food on the table for their families, and although there will be fewer glorious underpasses with works of arts on the sides, the public might just be happier for it.