Since Pakistan government arranged an All Parties Conference (APC) on Sept. 09, wherein it was decided on some right-wing party’s insistence, to give peace another chance, by holding talks with Taliban, all eyes were on the Taliban to respond in kind. In view of numerous peace agreements previously aborted or violated by the Taliban, a number of people were not that optimistic that the APC would be workable, however, the government remained firm on its stance. Regrettably events after APC have once again proved that all such optimism of achieving peace through dialogue is nothing but wishful thinking.

First an army general was targeted in Upper Dir and then a church was attacked, killing scores of worshippers in Peshawar, on Friday a bus carrying government officials was targeted, and today a busy market in Peshawar was blown up, hundreds of people have been killed by the Taliban (TTP) since APC declaration of Sept 09. We understand that a number of Taliban apologists are working overtime to advance conspiracy theories blaming the West, Israel and India for these blasts, fair enough, let them be busy with these theories till it’s they who are targeted.

We are grateful for the TTP clear stand on peace talks as Ameer Omar Khorasani has declared without any ‘ifs and buts’ that peace talks can’t be held under the umbrella of Pakistan’ constitution, he demanded that the present Constitution of Pakistan should be discarded to be replaced by the Taliban’ version of Shariah Law, which is a mixture of religious teachings, tribal culture and customs. He warned other Taliban factions not to enter into talks till this basic point is agreed upon. Now the ball is in Pakistan government’ court! It’s time to make up our mind whether to live and progress in 21st century or die in the quest of dark ages.


Saudi Arab, September 29.