The adage that ‘life is not a bed of roses’ is time tested and the world of today has become a nerve testing place. However man, since his creation, has been striving for a better life and an easier life. As my daughter said, “Not need but laziness is the mother of invention”.

The quest for betterment and knowledge has taken us out of the caves and we have huge monolith buildings in the world.

This is the era of Nano and 4 G technologies, far flung areas are now within a few days reach, while books from any library in the world are finger tip away by the use of computer. Many fatal diseases of the past century have become extinct. Additionally, life is now mechanized we now need electricity not wood, tractors not bulls, vacuums not brooms and heaters not fire. Industry, agriculture and education all sectors have undergone transformation; all are now advanced and machine dependent. All the above illustrations do portray a rosy scenario of life that we relish today of which our ancestors might have not even dreamed - but there is the flip side of the coin too.

The process of industrialization and mechanization has given our lives an artificial tinge that our ancestors’ lives never had. The tetra packs of milk that we consume do not come directly from cows; they are processed in industries. In the same way bottled mineral water does not come from wells; they are mineral added industry based water carriers. Hopefully, the meat that we eat will not be cloned.

Besides making life easier it has added to much artificiality to our lives which has affected our health adversely. We take in more proteins, vitamins and minerals than what is our daily requirement. We breathe in pollutants thanks to unchecked industrialization. Also, thanks to mechanization, we have become very lazy and a non physical animal. Our elders had to put in a lot of labour which kept them physically fit, now we hear of young people suffering from heart diseases and other ailments. We are continuously fighting with other nations and among ourselves. Wars are taking their toll on human population and these are not only guns and bullets that intimidate us; a warming world has also become a great threat. We should and must admit that the world today is not in good shape, nor do we live a better life than our ancestors did. Rather we are in dire conditions and need immediate, solemn, and expeditious address to all our ills, whether natural or self-made.


Lahore, October 11.