Recent reports from rural Pakistan, in particular, rural and remote areas in Sindh province reveal that alcohol consumption what they call “kachi sharab” (raw wine), have alarmingly increased among young people including the university, college and school going boys, among other drugs. It has become one of the major social problems in Sindh province where alarming ratio of high school students have been made "kachi sharab” addict. A report also reveals that undergraduate medical and engineering students of different universities were reported drinking alcohol.

Like other parts of rural Pakistan, the majority of the consumers are proverbially spoilt children of feudal lords, politicians, corrupt officers and leaders of various political wings of prominent political parties. These evil doers have not only ruined the careers of many promising children of respectable families but also many have died due to consumption of this poisonous drink.

Regrettably it appears that there are no legal restrictions to the production, distribution and use of alcohol and, for most people, its consumption is socially accepted. Alcohol is available in various formulations of industrial and traditional products such as beer, wine, and spirits, the alcoholic (ethanol) contents of which could vary from each other, at any place. Police, excise constables, touts of influential and corrupt politicians and officers, their drivers and others supply conventional and non-conventional drugs without any fear of law. There are laws but no enforcement at all.

This increasing problem of alcohol abuse has made youth, including high school and college students, violent in behavior. Youth today in rural areas of Pakistan is angry and negative due to increased abuse of alcohol. Look at the youth in Karachi, especially, the alleged criminals how undergraduate college students have been turned into drug addicts by some extremist groups to serve their vested interests.


Islamabad, October 11.