A few days ago passengers of a PIA flight, agitated by waiting too long for a so-called VIPs, took matters into their own hands and didn’t let Rehman Malik board the plane, after waiting for nearly two hours. After that a strong protest against the VIP culture started and immediately there is again a horrendous victim of VIP culture.

Abdul Qadir Gillani, son of former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani, was travelling with full protocol in his motorcade, late Wednesday night. His guard killed an innocent boy, in his early twenties, because he dared to come near his motorcade. His only mistake was that he was on the same road as this VIP! The victim’s was shot in the head and died instantly, according to PPP officials he was suspected of being a terrorist, as if there is a special flag or cap that a terrorist wears.

When the victim’s relatives protested, with his dead body, PPP’s shameless politicians commented, “Don’t do politics on Tahir’s dead body,” while their entire political philosophy is based on ‘dead politics’. The dead ZAB and the BB are both called Shaheed. How can this government be so deadly and kill with impunity? It is time we all raised our voices against these self-proclaimed VIPs, or anyone of us could be the next victim.


Karachi, October 9.