The chief of ‘Ithadul Muslimeen’, one of the allies of PAT in Inklab march has accused the Sharif’s of having invested billions in Indian businesses. He also alleged that the Prime Minister’s son has invested in dams in India and in Kashmir, if I am not wrong. This ought to be investigated by media, and the nation should be informed if there is any truth in the allegations. If true, these assertions are tantamount to treason. This would easily explain why Nawaz Sharif’s has not raised a hue and cry at the border skirmishes with India and his complacence. As the nation has lost trust in the brothers, any accusation seems to be a new nail in their coffin. Now, with fast-growing media, the battle between truth and fiction grows strong and the common man has to guess what is true and what is fabricated.


Jacobabad, October 10.