Recently an Ex Finance Secretary of Sindh gave an interesting view of difference between “Insaf and Adl”. He very rightly said that what we need is “Adl” as “Insaf” does not do full justice to the concept of “Adl” which is a much broader and self explanatory term than mere “Insaf” which can be purchased even by employing a good lawyer and miscarriage of “Insaf” can be possible but the quest of “Adl” is a positive feeling that denotes a balance and complete justice not fulfilled by only the quest of “Insaf”. The phrase “Adl bil Ehsan” mentioned in the Holy Quran towards the lofty version of “Adl” i.e to give a little bit more to the claimant than what is his due which would make a labourer happy and contended towards one who administers “Adl” which is not true in the form of justice delivered through due process of law in the ordinary way. Just imagine that if “Adl bil Ehsan” is adopted as a key word in the human affairs. This would not only mean restoration of a usurped right but also compensation for loss or injury as a result of delivery of “Adl” to a claimant over a period of time that would render complete justice to a wronged person which would make a society contented and balanced in human affairs.


Lahore, September 7.