It is a great feeling as our nation commemorates Defence Day, Pakistan Day, and the Independence Day with passion and zeal. This is very important for us to reminisce, and boost the morale of soldiers and civilians alike. A very important dimension of the events of these days is what is aired on TV since on these national holidays, people of all ages visit parade stadiums yet a vast majority witnesses the proceedings on TV. It is worth mentioning that private channels have a very important role to play in what message is sent across to the people all over the world. With great power comes great responsibility. ISPR, PEMRA and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting should take note that while content is made captivating and intriguing, the secrets of the Pakistan Army training and unique skills and equipment that sets them apart from the other armies of the world should never be disclosed on such a platform where the audience does not comprise of only the well wishers of Pakistan. Sadly enough, we see the techniques and strategies built into our soldiers being aired on TV in intricate detail.

We, as a responsible nation, pledge that the responsible authorities scrutinize what goes on air and prevent dissemination of key information to enemies and conspirators. We should recall the martyrdom of Captain Rashid Minhas (Nishan e Haider) who directed his plane toward doom only to prevent leakage of important documents to our arch enemy.


Islamabad, September 19.