“We will go back and fight.

My country harkens for me, why should

I waste my time here?”

-Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

In his memorable UN speech at the Security Council when India-Pakistan were fighting a war. Before tearing up a piece of paper in protest and storming out, Bhutto almost schooled Presidents and Foreign Ministers in attendance like schoolboys with this speech. His words seem almost a warning for his party to day, being currently run from Dubai. The Chairman of the party most often is found not in Pakistan but in the UK. The PPP is not the only party with top-leadership spending inappropriate lengths of time away from the country. The PML-N Leader spent Eid-ul-Azha in London, while Altaf Hussain supremo of the MQM is a permanent resident of London. Does their country not harken? Though UN speeches after the Cold War era have lost their lustre, Pakistan is still at war, whether it is radical Islamist militancy or monetary corruption.

The future of the PPP will depend on the support of the people. Can that support come if the Bhutto-Zardari’s are not seen as regularly residing in Pakistan?