Rawalpindi: Work in every department of Rawalpindi Cantonment board has almost come to a standstill under the administration of new chief executive Dr. Saima Shah as the staff members say they are not ignorant of their duties.

According to information gathered, former CEO Fahim Zafar had almost eliminated corruption from all the departments of Rawaplindi cantonment board and ensured that the staff members were punctual in attendance.  He had himself the example of coming early and personally monitored the attendance of the employees in addition to their performances. He set the example of receiving complaints personally in case people had any complaint against the staff.

The former CEO dismissed several ghost employees from the Rawalpindi cant board and all the department of the board had started running on the right track under his supervision.

Since Dr Saima Shah has assumed the duty, as new chief executive of the Rawalpindi cantonment boards the employees who do not pay attention to complaints, unless and until properly obliged by the people have moved back to their old routine.

The reason stated by the people of the area is that the CEO herself comes very late and her work is being mostly looked after by assistant CEO Abdul Wahab, who is reportedly not fully aware of public problems. A complainant Riaz Abbasi told sources that he has been visiting Cantonment Board for the last two days, for obtaining water connection but the concerned officers are not available at their seats.

Abdul Qyyam, another resident of the area said that he submitted applications twice against encroachment mafia who occupied footpaths and roads in his area Chungi No 22, but anti encroachment unit threw them in the dustbin and refused to take action against any one.

Yet another resident, Younas Khan, said that he received Rs 58,000 house tax while he is living in only one room house. He said no one in the board is ready to listen his complaint and he does not know where to go as it is almost impossible to meet the CEO.

The Parks in the Cantonment Board area, though a few, are being constantly ignored. The Gardeners who are put on duty, least bother to cut the wild grass and keep leisurely lying on grass under trees.  Flowers plants are getting dry because the water is not regularly sprinkled at them for many days in a go.