Federal Minister Chaudary Nisar has said that PTI should learn to accept defeat after electoral contests, Waqt News reported. He was talking to media.

“Accepting defeat showcases good ethics,” he added.

The minister further stated that every demand of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was accepted. Election Tribunal was established and Army was called in for the by-elections as demanded by PTI,” Nisar said.

While talking about the issues emanating after by-election in NA-122, he pointed out that PTI blamed NADRA of rigging. “NADRA is not PML-N's subordinate. It is a state institute,” he said.

Nisar also said that the vote of an individual cannot be changed without an application written by him. “Vote transfer allegation is absolutely wrong. Not a single vote was transferred after August 28,” he claimed

While criticizing the PTI leadership the Interior Minister said that there is a limit to demands. He added that PTI should understand that the ruling party will not remain in power forever and they won't be the perpetual opposition either. “Politics does not mean abusing. Quarreling over every issue is not in favor of the state,” he stated. Concluding the press conference Nisar said: “I request the PTI leadership to think before speaking.”