“I’ve seen Nusrat and his party repeatedly melt New Yorkers into human beings. At times I’ve seen him in such a trance while singing that I am sure that the world does not exist for him any longer. The effect it has is

gorgeous. These men do not play music, they are music itself.”

–Jeff Buckley

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan would’ve turned 68 yesterday. Despite his untimely departure, the world of music still revels in his legacy. His vocal range, skill, and texture remain unmatched to this very day. His influence on and off the stage pulled the audience into a state of bewilderment and euphoria. His followers - scattered all around the world, breaking barriers of ethnicity, religion, and nationality - still indulge deeply in appreciation and pay him homage by listening to and keeping his music alive.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan not only mesmerised the people of the Indian subcontinent, but also held international significance. Intoxicating American audience with his unparalleled vocals, influencing western musicians and collaborating with them, he was truly an ambassador of music.

Here’s to bringing the world closer through music. Here’s to keeping a centuries old tradition alive. Here’s to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.